The Bedfordshire Group Insurance Scheme

The Bedfordshire Group Insurance Scheme is arranged by Philip Williams & Company and includes:

  • Life Insurance - £120,000 Serving Member/£40,000 Partner
  • Personal Accident/Sickness Benefits - Member Only
  • Critical Illness - Up to £17,500 Serving Member/£5,000 Partner
  • Legal Expenses - Family Cover
  • Family Worldwide Travel Insurance - Family Cover
  • UK and European Motor Breakdown Cover - Member and Partner
  • Mobile Phone Cover -  Member and Partner

We've been arranging our tailor made Group Insurance Schemes for people in law enforcement since 1984 and have a reputation for providing excellent value for money and customer service.

Need more information or help? Why not call Bedfordshire Police federation office on 01234 842405 or Philip Williams & Company on 01925 604421 and find out more about this group scheme.

Subscriptions cost is:

  • Serving Officer: £26.95 per month
  • Serving Partner: £5.75 per month

Important Policy Documents

Please keep in mind that we no longer print the travel certificate out, so all subscribing members are kindly asked to print documents directly from the website.

Important Claim Forms

For the attention of all Retired Police Officer members of the Police Federation Group Life Insurance Scheme.

As notified previously, we have recently changed to a new insurance provider and as such we are trying to update all retired officer personal details to align with the changes and terms and conditions of the new company.

Therefore, it is now essential to have all dates of birth for retired officers who pay both single and spouse/partner cover and also the dates of birth for those spouses/partners who the additional cover is being paid. It is also now vital that we are notified when spouses/partners reach the ages of 65 and 70. Once the retired officer or spouse/partner reaches the age of 70 they will automatically have to leave the Scheme. Should the spouse/partner reach that age first then cover can still continue for the retired officer until he/she reaches 70 years of age but should the retired officer reach the age of 70 first then cover would automatically stop for both.

Please note it is the responsibility of the retired officer to notify the Federation of this detail. Failure to do so may mean that your policy is invalid and may affect any claims.

If you have already returned the Personal Details and Beneficiary Form recently sent out by Emma Carter then you do not need to take any further action but for those of you that haven’t, please could you ensure you do complete and return those forms or contact the Federation Office on 01234 842405.

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