It is the responsibility of the individual officer to ensure the correct deduction is taken by payroll. If the correct payment is not taken, cover MAY not be provided.

Please note that if you go to NO PAY (due to sickness or maternity for example) your voluntary deductions will also stop, so you need to pay Phillip Williams direct to continue cover. Failure to make the due payment will result in you being removed from the scheme and all associated cover. Please contact the Federation Office for details.

Please note that from 1st January 2021 the insurers have imposed new Sickness/Personal Accident policy and travel policy exclusions relating to Covid-19 and variances. These can be viewed in the scheme documents shown here

** Student officers reminder ** If you have signed your authority forms for the insurance, as per your presentation, your deductions will automatically commence at the end of your free period. Should you wish to withdraw from the scheme please contact the office.

  • Legal Template - Travel Refund The Bedfordshire Group Insurance SchemeThe Bedfordshire Group Insurance Scheme is arranged by Philip Williams & Company and includes:
  • Life Insurance - £120,000 Serving Member/£40,000 Partner
  • Personal Accident/Sickness Benefits - Member Only
  • Critical Illness - Up to £17,500 Serving Member/£5,000 Partner
  • Legal Expenses - Family Cover
  • Family Worldwide Travel Insurance - Family Cover
  • UK and European Motor Breakdown Cover - Member and Partner
  • Mobile Phone Cover -  Member and Partner

Travel Insurance Policy

Scheme Benefits

For Scheme application forms, please contact the Federation Office direct on 01234 842405/2391.

We've been arranging our tailor made Group Insurance Schemes for people in law enforcement since 1984 and have a reputation for providing excellent value for money and customer service.

Need more information or help? Why not call Bedfordshire Police federation office on 01234 842405 or Philip Williams & Company on 01925 604421 and find out more about this group scheme.

Due to exceptionally high levels of claims under the Legal Expenses section of the Scheme,  coupled with inflationary price rises, the subscriptions for Serving Members will increase by £2.60 per month and for Retired Members the increase will be £2.15 per month.  The Spouse/Partner cover element remains the same as does the cost of the Supplementary Life Insurance cost.

Through protracted negotiations we have made every effort to secure the best possible service and price for you, our member. There is never a good time for price increases, but we do believe that this product is still excellent value and the best money can buy.

Subscriptions cost is:

  • Serving Officer: £31.00 per month
  • Partner: £5.80 per month

Important Policy Documents

For further details please refer direct to the Group Scheme Section of Philip Williams Website to view all Policies and Schedules.

Important Claim Forms

With regards to the travel claim form, please contact the claims handlers CEGA on 01243 621248 or email them on

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