The new pension scheme is still being negotiated and is set to take effect from April 2015. As soon as we have any news on this then we will publish it.

If you have specific questions about your pension then these should be addressed to the pensions manager or call 01642 727333 at Bedfordshire Police.

If you would like general advice regarding medical pensions, opting out or other general issues, please contact the Federation Office.

Police Pension Contribution Rates (PDF)

Police Pensions Debate 22/11/12 (PDF)

Police Pensions Mis-Selling & Similar Claims FAQ 14/11/2012 (PDF)

Long Term Reform of Police Pensions FAQs 14/09/2012 (PDF)

Police Pensions Questions & Answers 11/09/2012 (PDF)

170214 – JBB Circular 004 – Pensions’ Tax Relief The Annual Allowance (PDF)

Click on the above link to view a PDF document detailing a number of the most frequently asked questions about Police Pensions and what the current changes mean for you.

If you would like further information then please follow this link to the National Federation Pension website.

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