The Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012 (PDF)

The Police Appeals Tribunals Rules 2012 (PDF)

Home Office Guidance (Police officer misconduct, Unsatisfactory Performance and attendance Management Procedures) (PDF)

The Police (Complaints and Misconduct) (Old Cases) Regulations 2013 (PDF)

All police officers are subject to the police performance/attendance and misconduct Regulations 2008. If you are served with a Regulation 15 notice, the subject of or are reaching stage 1, 2 and 3 of the unsatisfactory performance/attendance procedures then contact a Federation friend or the Federation office before making any response.

Your right to contact the Federation should be well understood by management and is detailed in a Regulation 15 notice served on you at the onset of an investigation. As a consequence, you should not be embarrassed, doubtful or hesitant in seeking early advice and intervention as this is the most sensible way to protect your interests, your rights and entitlements and in appropriate cases conducting a proper defence. Under the Taylor Review the standards of behaviour are as follows:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Authority, Respect and Courtesy
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Use of Force
  • Orders and Instructions
  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Confidentiality
  • Fitness for Duty
  • Discreditable Conduct
  • Challenging and Reporting Improper Conduct

A Police Federation Discipline Friend is an elected representative who has appropriate training to enable them to act for you throughout the discipline process. Where appropriate they will seek legal advice, and / or pass the case to a Police Federation appointed Solicitor/Barrister who will act on your behalf.

The following members of Bedfordshire Police Federation are trained to give Misconduct Advice:

Not all complaints will automatically lead to the Regulation 15 procedure most low level complaints will be assessed by PSD and handed to Supervisors to deal with appropriately.

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