Kate Hall is taking her widows’ pension campaign to the heart of Government next month – with a trip to No 10 Downing Street.

Kate, the widow of West Midlands police dog handler Colin, has mounted a tireless campaign for police widows’ pensions to be paid for life – regardless of whether they re-marry or co-habit.

“I want to give an assurance that we will continue to campaign until we achieve life-long pensions for all police survivors overshadowed by the 1987 police pension rules. I am dedicated to the cause as always,” Kate says.

A petition Kate launched on the change.org website now has around 76,000 signatures with 100,000 needed to trigger a Parliamentary debate and a professionally printed and bound copy of the comments it has attracted is to be handed in at No 10.

Kate and a small group of supporters will be in Downing Street presenting the two volumes of comments at 1pm on Monday 12 October.

Kate explains: “The Government is very concerned about the opinion of the taxpayer, so they are about to hear from a large number who agree we should be granted parity with Northern Ireland – 11,000 of them.

“I have been informed that a maximum of six people will be granted clearance to enter Downing Street and canter up to the famous shiny door. When I received the news it felt like I had just been ordered to mistreat a puppy – how on earth could I chose five people to come with me? So I set about it in a fair and business-like manner.

“I decided that the people chosen should have attended the Adjournment Debate earlier this year – without their attendance our campaign would have been swept quietly under the carpet never to surface again. Also, having listened to the debate, they will be able to answer questions more fully if the opportunity arises.”

Those attending are:

James Igoe, representing Scotland.

Diane Burns, representing Wales. Diane spoke with police minister Mike Penning following the debate regarding her personal situation and was assured that she would “be ok” regarding the changes announced in the Budget earlier this year. Diane will not benefit, however, so she is attending as the survivor of an officer who died post-retirement.

Alex Duncan, representing the Police Federation of England and Wales.

Kate, representing those who have had the audacity to find love again.

Dave Conroy, representing the taxpaying public the Government loves to talk about.

Kate explains: “Dave has no connection to the police family, will not benefit personally from the changes and continues to campaign on our behalf.”

Amanda Keylock will be there as David Cameron’s constituent.

“Amanda will benefit from the changes announced earlier this year, but she is still willing to campaign for those of us who won’t,” says Kate, “My partner John will be the little face peering through the railings at the entrance to Downing Street when the rest of us go in.

“I am so sorry for those who may have wanted to come and won’t be able to; it has been awful having to choose.”

Kate can be contacted at CathrynHall@outlook.com regarding the campaign.

To sign the petition go to www.change.org/p/theresa-may-mp-grant-police-widows-pensions-for-life-don-t-make-them-choose-between-future-happiness-and-pensions

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