Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Kathryn Holloway has said she won’t let the new Home Secretary forget the promises he made on increased police funding at the Police Federation’s annual national conference.

In his keynote speech to conference, just three weeks after taking on his new role, Sajid Javid said he would prioritise police funding and promised to give officers the tools, the powers and the back-up they needed to do their jobs.

Afterwards, the PCC said: “Sajid Javid is a Home Secretary with a brother in the job. He should know full well the drawbacks, the dangers and the sacrifices you face and his speech reflected that. Let’s hope he delivers in the spending review next year. I certainly won’t let him forget his promises.”.

Ms Holloway was a guest of the Federation at the conference.

She explained: “I felt it a genuine honour to be invited by Bedfordshire’s Police Federation to attend the annual national conference as I’m led to believe that I’m the first PCC from this county to be invited.

“I take this as a compliment on behalf of my office as well as myself as we have worked ceaselessly to bring about the Targeted Healthcare pilots to offer earlier, paid access to medical treatment for officers waiting for a significant period under the NHS and also to create the new monthly drop-in service for physical injuries, whether incurred at work or home, also free of charge (with me paying a maximum of up to £60 for certain tests too) and delivered by experts and final year students from the University of Bedfordshire’s sports science, physiotherapy and occupational Health departments.

“I was met on the pavement by the female officers representing Bedfordshire Police calling out my name - quite a welcome - and sat among you all for supper that night; when you lost no time talking to me about moulded body armour and other issues that matter to you – and now to me.”

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