As of 1st April 2018 we are pleased to announce the new Bedfordshire Police Federation Council will be:

  • Bill Abram 
  • Stephen Andrews 
  • Stephen Bozward 
  • Ben Dimmock 
  • Mark Griffiths 
  • Pushpa Guild 
  • Corina House 
  • Hobibul Hoque 
  • Hayley Hunter 
  • Sam Hunt 
  • Sharon Nissen 
  • Martin Peters 
  • Kelly Reynolds 
  • Sue Reynolds 
  • Hannah Ross 
  • Bill Rumford 
  • Chris Smith 
  • Sarah Trew 
  • Graeme Twyford 
  • Darren Welch

This is a new era for the Federation nationally and the first time the elections have ever been run in this way. This is in line with the recommendations set out in the Normington Review.

The council will now elect the Board and from there the Secretary followed by the Chair; where all will be invited to vote again.

Please bear with us as our newly elected reps will need to be trained but should you require any more information please contact the Federation office or visit the Bedfordshire Police Federation website.

Thank you to all who put themselves forward to stand.

Jim Mallen - IBB Chairman

Emma Carter - IBB Secretary

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