‘Officers need a pay rise’

Bedfordshire Police Federation chair Jim Mallen has added his voice to calls for police officers to be given a 3.4 per cent pay rise.

The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) and the Police Superintendents’ Association have made a joint submission to the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) setting out why their members should receive the 3.4 per cent uplift from September this year.

“Last year, the Government attempted to say that officers had been given a two per cent pay rise but in actual fact, since one per cent of that was a non-consolidated increase, it was another case of smoke and mirrors and crucially went against the recommendations of the independent pay review body,” says Jim.

“The Federation has analysed the current economic situation and believes the 3.4 per cent increase would be in line with inflation so I think this would be a fair pay rise for officers.”

The submission to the PRRB goes on to accuse the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) of a lack of transparency in the pay review process and says there is an implication that the NPCC’s plans for pay reform are further progressed than the Federation understands them to be.

It also criticises a lack of engagement by the NPCC, a failure to bring discussions to the appropriate fora and a lack of involvement in the Police Consultative Forum in particular.

“The NPCC has failed to provide proposals or time-limited targeted pay, despite the fact they have asked for targeted pay to be included two years in a row in the remit letter. We are dumbfounded as the NPCC has failed to provide any proposals, either in draft or final,” says general secretary Andy Fittes.

The PRRB submission.

  • The Federation’s national chair, Calum Macleod, has admitted he is exasperated by the pay review process. Read more in his latest blog.
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