Officers are being urged to take part in a survey to ensure that proposed legislation providing better protection for police officers and other emergency service workers is discussed in Parliament.

The legislation aims to introduce tougher sentences for those found guilty of assaulting the police and emergency service personnel.

“It is great to see that the campaign to provide better legislative protection for police and other blue light workers has not been forgotten,” says Jim Mallen, chairman of Bedfordshire Police Federation.

“Halifax MP Holly Lynch, a huge supporter of the Federation’s national Protect The Protectors campaign had intended to introduce a Private Members’ Bill in Parliament earlier this year.

“However, the Bill was 20th on the list for that day so, as expected, time ran out for it to be presented. But Holly has now told the Federation that Chris Bryant MP, who was first on the list, has included the Protect The Protectors Bill in his section along with five other Bills, and wants the public to vote on which they want him to take forward.

“Mr Bryant has shared an online survey for people to vote and we would urge all officers to take part in this survey and circulate it to their friends and family too.”

The survey introduction states: “There is no guarantee that the Bill (Chris Bryant) proposes will become law. He will have to argue his case and will need support from other parties. He is not allowed to introduce a Bill which aims to increase taxes or public spending. But he is guaranteed the Number 1 slot in debates in the autumn.”

Simply click here to take part.


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