The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) has been working hard over the last few years to increase the level of legal protection for police drivers carrying out response and pursuit driving. As things stand the law does not offer a level of protection which we feel is acceptable and this places our members in a legally vulnerable situation.

The PFEW has worked with the DPP & CPS and while published guidance has given an element of protection, progress in changing the law in relation to response driving has faltered.

We still have a situation where police drivers across the country driving on response and as they are trained to do so by their Forces are being prosecuted for careless and dangerous driving. This is not acceptable and the legislation needs to change to protect officers. While there are exemptions for speed and Red ATS, Keep Left bollards etc. there are no exemptions for careless or dangerous driving.

The PFEW has issued written advice (Click Here) – all police drivers need to read this letter and understand the lack of protection that the law affords you even if driving as you have been trained.

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