All constables and sergeants will receive £60 compensation in their pay in February, the Force has confirmed.

The £60 payment, which is non-pensionable, follows the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) Bear Scotland v Fulton case which ruled that normal remuneration paid to workers while on annual leave should include over-time and other regular extra payments.

“We were informed in the run up to Christmas that these payments had been agreed but had to wait for full details to be announced,” says Jim Mallen, chairman of Bedfordshire Police Federation, “The Force has now confirmed this ongoing payment will be made on an annual basis.”

The Police Federation of England and Wales has been working with the National Police Chiefs’ Council for some time to reach agreement over the application of the Bear Scotland ruling to police officers and what payments should be included when calculating holiday pay.

It has now agreed the following will be included in the first 20 days of holiday pay:

  • All forms of over-time
  • Compensation for public holiday working
  • Unsocial hours allowance
  • Away from home overnight allowance
  • Acting up allowance
  • Rest day working compensation
  • Pay for additional hours worked by officers who work part-time (plain time up to 40 hours).

The Federation has negotiated the money to be paid to officers, however, this is yet to be agreed at ACPO level and as such will not be paid for the time being. Further information will be published once it becomes available.

For more information, see the update from Andy Fittes, general secretary of the Police Federation of England and Wales, here.

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