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The Government has today published the first report of the Police Remuneration Review Body on the pay and allowances of police officers serving in England and Wales. The Government has accepted the Review Body’s recommendations in full effective from 1 September 2015.

The report is available at:

And the accompanying Written Ministerial Statement can be found at:

We will be contacting all stakeholders shortly in order to arrange wash up meetings in the next few weeks.

Bill Blase
Assistant Secretary Police Remuneration Review Body

Steve White, Chair, Police Federation of England and Wales, said: ‘We welcome the Home Secretary’s decision to honour the one per cent pay rise recommended by the Police Remuneration Review Body but we urge the government to do more to properly reward the skills, experience and efforts of officers.

‘This is as much about building the capacity of the service to rise to the occasion as it is about creating a service which will continue to attract the brightest and best candidates. The Home Office and College of Policing are doing much valuable work to make the service more attractive to potential recruits but it is equally as important to properly reward those who are already employed.

‘Officers do a superb job in the most difficult of circumstances and we will be doing all we can to work with the government to ensure that is recognised and rewarded.’

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