The following is an extract from Home Office Circular 11/2001 implemented on 1 April 2001

"This circular publicises the Home Secretary's approval of an allowance for officers appointed on or after 1 September 1994 in the following forces: Bedfordshire, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Thames Valley. The allowance was agreed at a meeting of the Police Negotiating Board (PNB) on 8 February 2001.


At its meeting on 8 February 2001 the PNB agreed for police officers and re-joiners appointed on or after 1 September 1994, and not in receipt of housing allowance:

  • In forces bordering the Metropolitan Police Service i.e. Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey and Thames Valley an annual allowance of £2,000.
  • In the remaining three forces in the South East i.e. Bedfordshire, Hampshire and Sussex, an annual allowance of £1,000.

The allowance is non pensionable and payable from 1 April 2001.

Up-rating Mechanism

Any changes to the allowance will be negotiated by the PNB and will not automatically be increased in line with any index.

Amendments to Regulations

This Circular authorises the above-mentioned Forces to pay the allowance, pending amendments to Police Regulations."

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