Dear Colleagues,

Just a reminder that we help fund Team Building days which we launched in January 2018, for those who have taken this initiative up; we have had positive feedback.

The kind of activity we have supported is Paint-balling, Bowling, Escape room, Cinema, Theme Parks and Go Ape! (nothing too dangerous!)

We cannot fund these activities in their entirety as we have some rather strict fund rules, and are accountable to our auditors and trustees for all expenditure.

We would however like to support this in some small way in recognition of the pressures officers work under, and as such would like to offer you the following under some specific criteria-

  • £20 per subscribing member contribution from the Beds Police Federation for the purpose of a team building day/activity
  • This must be booked in advance and cannot be paid retrospectively
  • This must not be spent on alcohol
  • This is to be used off duty and would be to be done in an officers own time
  • We need to have an invoice/booking confirmation before the funds are released to a nominated SPOC on behalf of the team (we will not accept individual applications)
  • Only one application per officer in a 12 month period commencing from 1st January annually
  • The Beds Fed/Chair/Sec will have the final decision on the application/activity being approved, and if we feel it is being misused we will need to reassess this offer.

It may not seem a large contribution, but there are often group offers available, and if it halves the price then it’s better than nothing!


  • Email the FEDERATION OFFICE (BEDS) with TEAM BUILDING REQUEST in the title with the details and a list of the officers
  • CC all officers attending in your email so they are aware you are claiming on their behalf.
  • Include an invoice/proof of booking
  • Please send us a separate email with your bank details so we can arrange payment direct to your bank account.

** Please note we will check our database to confirm subscribing membership). Any questions or queries please let us know.

Kind Regards


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