BedFed Magazine - September 2017

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Morale Survey

Force second lowest in terms of morale.

An overwhelming 98 per cent of Bedfordshire Police Federation members responding to a pay and morale survey said they felt morale was low in the Force, ranking the Force second in this indicator when compared with the other 42 forces across England and Wales.

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A survey of PFEW members’ views on the routine arming of police officers has been launched

The link to the national survey, our first on routine arming in over a decade, has been sent via email directly to our 123,000 members across England and Wales via their Police National Network (PNN) email accounts.

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Officer assaults: latest figures released

A total of 169 Bedfordshire Police officers were assaulted on duty during 2016/2017, according to police recorded crime statistics.

In the same period, 157 “assaults without injury on a constable” were reported in Bedfordshire in data submitted to the Home Office by the Force.

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