Expected Bank Of England rate rise this Thursday ( 2nd November 2017)

A Bank Of England interest rate rise is highly likely on 2nd Nov 2017.

Following this rate rise High street lenders will take action and increase their Fixed rate mortgages.

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Custody report raises some valid issues - but poses more questions than answers

A long-awaited report into deaths in custody has finally been published, leading to a cautious welcome from the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) but also a number of concerns.

Of the 110 recommendations, 39 relate to policing with the remainder aimed at the justice and regulatory systems and the NHS.

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For the attention of all Retired Police Officer members of the Police Federation Group Life Insurance Scheme.

As notified previously, we have recently changed to a new insurance provider and as such we are trying to update all retired officer personal details to align with the changes and terms and conditions of the new company.

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Government support for assaults bill

The second reading of the private members’ bill that will introduce tougher sentences for those who assault the police and other emergency service workers will go ahead on Friday.

And the Government has already indicated it is officially backing the bill which has been introduced by Labour MP for Rhonda Chris Bryant.

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