Response to Pay Award

Yet again this is a kick in the teeth for hard working Bedfordshire Police Officers and their families. The Home Secretary, on the floor of our National conference, only last May endorsed his support for policing. He did the same again at our recent National Bravery Awards but it is clear some in the Home Office do not share the Home Secretary’s support when it comes to paying us fairly. It cannot be right that the Government just ignore the decision of PRRB, a decision that is evidence based, transparent and above all else fair. How much more can this Government ask of our Police Officers who every day put themselves in harm’s way to keep the public safe?

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To all our members affected by this, we are currently  in discussion with our Chief Officers regarding this and have made our representations for our officers. They are listening and engaging.

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Planning for your Retirement?

FREE for all officers who are nearing retirement or who are in their last three years of service.

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