Third Pillar of Health Fatigue Survey

Third Pillar of Health would like to remind members who registered for the Fatigue Survey to please complete BEFORE 21/12.

No more police cuts

The Chancellor’s announcement today that there will be no further cuts to police budgets during this Parliament has been welcomed by Jim Mallen, chairman of Bedfordshire Police Federation.

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PC David Phillips - Memorial Tie-Pins for Sale

Tie-pins to honour the life of PC David Phillips, the Merseyside officer killed last month, are available to buy.

Merseyside Police Federation bought a number of commemorative tie-pins to give to their members.

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Labour Calls for Halt to Cuts

A petition calling on the Government to shelve plans for further cuts to policing has been launched by the Labour Party.

The petition is sponsored by former Met Commissioner Lord John Stevens with organisers hoping to attract 100,000 signatures, possibly triggering a debate in Parliament, before the Chancellor, George Osborne, delivers his Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) speech on 25 November.

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