Tribute to Merseyside Officer

Bedfordshire Police Federation chairman Jim Mallen has extended his sympathies to the family, friends and colleagues of a Merseyside police officer killed in the early hours of this morning.

PC Dave Phillips (34) was hit by a car which mounted a central reservation in Wallasey just after 2am. He was trying to stop the vehicle which had been taken from a Birkenhead estate agents an hour earlier.

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Widows’ Campaigner: We Will Campaign Until We Get Life-long Pensions for Police Survivors

Kate Hall is taking her widows’ pension campaign to the heart of Government next month – with a trip to No 10 Downing Street.

Kate, the widow of West Midlands police dog handler Colin, has mounted a tireless campaign for police widows’ pensions to be paid for life – regardless of whether they re-marry or co-habit.

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Communities Are Safer Than Ever, Says Home Secretary

Our streets, our communities, and our families are safer than they have ever been, according to the Home Secretary.

In a speech to the Superintendents’ Association annual conference, Theresa May said public satisfaction is up, not down and claimed officers are more likely to be out on the front-line tackling crime than at any time in the modern history of policing.

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More Powers for Staff and Volunteers

Home Secretary Theresa May has announced plans to give more powers to police staff and volunteers.

The proposals, detailed last week, will now go out for consultation.

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