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From 1st January 2016 the 20 days’ statutory annual leave holiday pay will include the following additional qualifying payments and allowances:

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Believe in Blue - Celebrating British Policing

A new campaign to highlight why British policing is the best in the world has been launched.

Every day brings a new challenge for police officers, and recognition of the many roles they play will be highlighted in the new campaign.

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BedFed Magazine - March 2016

The latest BedFed magazine is now available to view online. 

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BedFed Magazine - March 2016

Farewell IPCC

Rarely a week goes by when there is not some kind of story in the Press highlighting an area in which police officers are said to be failing, not doing their job properly or letting down the public they serve.

So, the publication on 8 March of an Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) report into police use of force, could quite easily have passed me by – had it not prompted more questions than it provided answers.

To summarise, the report, on the back of an IPCC study (I will come back to this later) came up with one key recommendation – a need to record, analyse and publish information on all uses of force by the police. I do not disagree on that point.

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